The Program that will give your business an Edge!

Our EDGE software determines, based on payment method, how to adjust the prices to offset any costs. This is called Dual Pricing. So you earn the same profit margins, whether they pay in cash or not.  It’s automatic with Dual Pricing. No need to change prices on your merchandise assuming cash payment. You can now offer the Edge Program on all advertised pricing.  This will make your advertised pricing more competitive and attractive to the consumer. You can also increase your bottom line by 4%.

  • Edge Program

- One low monthly subscription fee 

- NO contract commitment required

- NO batch header fee

- NO PCI compliance fee

- NO Cancellation Fee

We Give You

  • - Free signage explaining the program
  • - Edge software to determine price
  • - Non-confusing customer receipts
  • - Free hardware options.

PRICING STARTS AT $0.00 per month

Not sure if this program makes sense for your business? Ask yourself the following questions:

- Do a majority of your customers use non-cash forms of payment?

- Are your margins suffering because of payment processing costs?

- Are you looking for a simple solution to improve margins?

- Are you tired of playing high credit card processing fees?

- Are you wanting your business to be more profitable?


If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’re in the right place. 

We also offer IC PLUS Pricing at 0.30% + $0.10  and Flate Rate Processing at 2.69% + $0.10 per tranactions